About us

I've had a passion for the old and discarded the size of Texas – which happens to be my lifelong home. As a kid, my favorite times were garage sale Fridays with my Mom and curb-side rescues with my Nana. Bringing color, energy, and imagination into the lives of my girls is vital to our happy home. With encouragement from my husband, I attended my first Shabby Paints class at my favorite local antique store. I could have never predicted that almost 4 years later that it would lead to a successful custom paint business. Today I balance a successful career, my paint business, and my spirited family. It’s a busy life and a happy life!

I'm thrilled that you're here to see what Shabby Paints furniture rescue has to offer.  I believe in and exclusively use Shabby Paints and products.   I can rest easy knowing that they are kid and pet safe as well as able to stand the test of time.